PanLex database snapshots

PanLex makes the content of the PanLex Database available through database snapshots (dumps) under the CC0 License. Monthly snapshots are published in three formats: CSV, JSON, and SQL. A single zip file is published in each format, decompressing into a single directory.

The CSV and JSON snapshot directories contain one file per database table. The file is named for the database table name (for example, the source table is exported to a file named source.csv or source.json). Each entry in a file corresponds to a row in the table.

You should review the database design for information on the different database tables. The following tables are included in the snapshots: definition, denotation, denotation_class, denotation_prop, expr, format, lang_code, langvar, langvar_char, langvar_cldr_char, meaning, meaning_class, meaning_prop, source, source_format, source_langvar, source_license.

Snapshots are available here.