PanLex Team


David Kamholz

Project Director

David has first-hand experience with under-served language communities in Indonesia, where he has worked documenting languages of Papua province. A member of the PanLex team since 2013, he began in 2017 to expand the focus of PanLex to include partnerships with international organizations and global businesses. As a self-taught programmer, he is also responsible for maintaining the PanLex database, API, and servers. David holds a Doctorate in Linguistics from UC Berkeley.

Julie Anderson

Director of Programs

Julie has acquired hundreds of dictionaries for PanLex and directs its partnership and volunteer programs. She has an M.A. in Linguistics from the University of Hawaii.

Ben Yang

Director of Technology

Ben has assimilated over a hundred dictionaries into PanLex and worked on graphical interfaces to the database. He has a B.A. in Linguistics from UC San Diego.

Manuel Maqueda

Strategic Advisor

Manuel is passionate about helping visionaries, innovators, and entrepreneurs make the world a better place, embracing a holistic definition of success that encompasses the entire web of life. He supports the PanLex team with strategy, capacity building, communications, and fundraising. Manuel holds a Master’s degree in Economics and a Law Degree, and in addition to helping mission-driven organizations, he regularly teaches and lectures on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UC Berkeley and other business schools internationally.

Jonathan Pool

Founder and Director Emeritus

Jonathan was involved in the genesis of PanLex as a research project at the University of Washington in 2005. He continued developing PanLex on his own, turning it into a sponsored project of The Long Now Foundation in 2012. Jonathan was Project Director until 2017 and continues to advise PanLex. He is a Political Scientist by training, specializing in language policy and politics.

Steering Committee

Emily Bender

University of Washington

Steven Bird

Charles Darwin University

Laura Welcher

The Long Now Foundation



  • Priya Bansal
  • Diego Frankel
  • Emily Frone
  • Erica Gardner
  • Caroline Glazer
  • Sooyoung Jeong
  • Maxwell Joslyn
  • Aurora Kane
  • Annie Ke
  • Elizabeth Lieu
  • David Lu
  • Natalie Katz
  • John Kausch
  • Yun-Ting Lin
  • Sasha Mayn
  • Grace O’Hair-Sherman
  • Helen O’Horan
  • Ammon Pike
  • Gregory Poulos
  • Francisco Ramírez Lajara
  • Deepti Shashidharaiah
  • Alessandra Silveira
  • Constance So Yuet Ning
  • Jacqueline Sorrels
  • Ronald Wan
  • Emilie Wilk
  • Aurora Zhang
  • Lingxian (Rose) Zhang
  • Yueran Zhao


  • Lindsay Chan
  • Alexander Elias
  • Jordan B. Galler
  • Yadav Gowda
  • Zainab Hossainzadeh
  • Daniel Jarvis
  • Aisha Khan
  • Garrett Moss
  • Jasmine Nguyen
  • Gary Patterson
  • Amandalynne Paullada
  • Donnie Schultz


  • Vamshi Ambati
  • Andréa K. Davis
  • Michael Wayne Goodman
  • David Howcroft
  • Brandon Loudermilk
  • Christa Mowry
  • Viet-An Nguyen
  • Jason L. Shaw
  • Yuancheng Tu
  • Li Wang



  • Yun-Ting Lin

Internationalization and localization

  • Seongji Kim
  • Han Na Choi
  • Skyler Hansen
  • Brayan Coral Jaramillo
  • Seo-young Jun
  • Shihwa Kim
  • Axelle Nelson
  • Jorge Orozco

Volunteers (past and present)

  • Hannah YoungEun An
  • Ivory Xin Chen
  • Kimberly Kwan
  • Misaki Matsumoto
  • Andrew Menzer
  • Jonathan Piskor
  • Brett Ray
  • Leo Sakaguchi
  • Rani Saladri
  • Miranda Taylor