Moving to Wikisource

March 19, 2020 ||

Now that the Balinese lontar project on has proven successful, the Internet Archive recently suggested that we move it to a well-established platform so the Balinese community can take over management, and so it can be maintained long-term. The obvious choice is Wikisource, both because of the nature of the content (lontar works are like books) and because already runs on MediaWiki, the software that powers all Wikimedia Foundation sites.

PanLex recently reached out to the Balinese Wikipedia community, and they agreed that it’s a great idea to move the platform to a new Balinese Wikisource. It will make the lontar content more widely available and useful, and the infrastructure we have developed will help enable future projects in other languages. In order to fund the work needed for the transition, PanLex has applied for a project grant from the Wikimedia Foundation. We’ve gotten great feedback so far. If you have any comments or feedback on the proposal, there is still time to weigh in on the grant page! Funding decisions will be announced in May.

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