Palindrome Reflections

October 11, 2018 ||

There are 54,270 palindromes within the 5,691 languages contained in the PanLex database.

Two floating swans facing each other symmetrically

Image by Andrew Hurley

A sampling:

ʻuhū ʻuhūʻuhū meaning “moan” in Hawaiian
gilibilig meaning “soft” in Umbugarla (Australia)
àyáyáyáyá meaning “low light” in Perge Tegu (Mali)
eibohphobie meaning “fear of palindromes” in French
بی عیب ـ بیعیب  or ba’eab ba’eab meaning “faultless” in Persian
ibikíbiníbikíbi meaning “wherever” in Yoruba (Nigeria)
aawalawaa meaning “get better” in Wayuu (Colombia)
апоко́па or apokopa meaning “apocope” in Russian
রক্ষা করা or rakṣā karā meaning “protect” in Bengali

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